venerdì 19 agosto 2011

a performance experiment
by Francesca Fini

“Alone in the Dark” is an experiment in which I undertake a small personal investigation into the meaning of performance art today.  More than any other form of artistic language, performance art, in its fluidity, is called upon to interpret contemporary reality.  It is gesture and action that occur spontaneously, free of any representative or mimetic intention but are, instead, rich in a generative power that is unavoidable and unpredictable, and that succeed in fitting together in the anthropological and cultural magma in which we live.
I asked myself what meaning Art in general and Performance Art in particular has today, when the news of the killing of the world's public enemy number one, diffused over the internet with its corollary of photographic fakes and conspiracy myths, is transformed into a kind of planetary performance that is more significant than any artistic action that intends to propose a reading of contemporary reality.  Much performing Art has been played it's game in this border space between  the real and the virtual, simulating the dynamics of information/misinformation, which is a virus that is spreading, nourished by the global consumer rapacity, changing genetically, and insinuating itself into minds, confusing them.  It is a process of depersonalization and alienation of the relationship with others that recounts, in all its disarming senselessness, the Times we live in.
Today more than ever, Art must become action and behave actively in the microcosms, trying to create a direct, intimate relationship with people, an authentic peer-to-peer relationship.  An aesthetic activism that becomes urgency.

Today more than ever,  Art must become "honest" and behave actively in the microcosms, trying to create a direct and authentic exchange with people, a true peer-to-peer relationship.  An aesthetic activism that becomes urgency.

“Alone in the Dark” project will take place online by means of situational incursions in social networks, video-chats, web radios and streaming services.  The idea is that of interference, of a cultural short-circuit, of emotional hacking.  The aim is to capture the attention of a public very different from the traditional one of museums and galleries, of the “come and see” type which, in the best of cases, will try to understand what they are watching, but always in their on-the-spot role of spectator judge, in the protective bubble of their little chair. 

>> session # 1 (the rite)
eight performance artists performing for chatroulette

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